Drabble: Seduction

Title: Seduction
Word Count: 100
Author: demi_rabbit 
Characters/Pairing: HikaHaru with Tamaki
Summary: He didn't liked this.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own Ouran--I wish I did. V.V I know, very, very sad...
Author's Notes: This isn't entierly my OTP, but I do love them! It's just so cute! This is also part of my '100 Days, 100 Ways' 100-worded drabble collection. Aside from that, enjoy!


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Recent chapters

Well, chapter 71-73 have (sorta) been out now

Is any one from here still reading/following? I'm kinda curious as to what your thoughts are on the recent chapters
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Chapter 70

Well, the raws for Ouran 70 are now out

and for those who can read Chinese, there are Chinese scans HERE
Read if you can/dare XD

My random favorite parts are below

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and for those who can't (Which for the most part, includes me).. what are you speculations and junk?
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Array [Riza Hawkeye]
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Gouon Hashi Koukou is a very special school. Housing all grades, there is room for everyone. There is even a University next door that is associated with the famous GHK. The campus is located in Osaka, Japan, but the students, teachers, and faculty are from other regions as well, other countries even. For students not in permanent residence in Osaka, dorms are available.
We take pride in our diverse student body. There are very talented children enrolled here, but magic, transformations, fighting, and energy blasts are not allowed in the hallways. There is a time and place for everything; everyone will be given the opportunity to show off their skills in the gym and at events and festivals.
Gouon Hashi Koukou is a multifandom roleplaying game set in a shoujo-esque school. Characters are taken from any fandom, but the situations and events are completely shoujo.