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Chapter 70

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Apr. 9th, 2009 | 05:26 pm
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posted by: stjet in hikaruharuhi

Well, the raws for Ouran 70 are now out

and for those who can read Chinese, there are Chinese scans HERE
Read if you can/dare XD

My random favorite parts are below

Tamaki : *I wonder if you can guess what he's saying? I didn't bother translating XD*

Hikaru : Literally saying : Why can't you just die?!

But I think he' probably saying something along the lines of "DROP DEAD", in the similar vein to "Get stuffed/lost/bite me/GFY/screw yoou/etc XD

Haruhi : *I'm paraphrasing somewhat* If you have no interest here then you should leave. You're irritating and make me feel like assaulting someone

There's also a part where Tamaki talks about flowers named 'Frustration' and "Despair"

Haha XD

and for those who can't (Which for the most part, includes me).. what are you speculations and junk?

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